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Cryospa Canberra - Canberra and the world’s first and only 5 sensory Cryotherapy business, is located in the Realm Precinct.

When arriving at CRYOSPA CANBERRA you will be escorted to your change room where awaits you is a luxurious robe, taste, scent and sound experience.  When you are ready to embark on the rest of your journey, collect your gloves and key provided to access your touch keypad and head down the immediate hallway where a staff member will greet you at your treatment room and detail your further experience.

If you have opted for the CRYOSAUNA, you will enter the sauna in your robe, gloves and provided ugg boots. An elevated platform will ensure your head is out of the machine. Once you've de-robed this will commence your 3 minute treatment and a fine liquid nitrogen mist of up to -153 degrees celsius will encompass your body in the sauna. As you reach the 2 minute markyour legs will likely start to feel a little cold, whilst your chest will remain warm as the blood moves to your vital organs. During treatment core temperature will actually raise a little and at the conclusion of the 3 minute session, the door will open and the skin will be cool to the touch for around 6 minutes before returning to normal.

Post treatment, most people experience a clear mind, light legs and an endorphin rush which provides a sense of euphoria. Over the next 24 hours you’ll need to drink plenty of water as you have essentially gone for a 45 minute run and the body needs to recover. Most people experience an excellent night’s sleep after their visit.

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